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Masterbatches Manufacturers: How To Choose The Right One?

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Just as breathing in polluted oxygen hinders a person’s health, so the use of masterbatches compromising on quality destroys product and machine performance.

Yes, Masterbatch – It’s Oxygen to Plastic! Well heard of a term but unfortunately, not many people realize the importance of choosing the appropriate masterbatch.

There is no need for a separate introduction to plastics. We all know that it has become an integral part of our daily life. Let’s take a look inside the world of plastics. Just like we need food, water, and oxygen to survive and grow plastics also need nutrition to become strong, durable, and best in terms of quality and food, water, and oxygen for plastic is Masterbatch.

The tiny, colorful, and shiny granules of the masterbatch bring life to the plastic. This is the reason why we should always check what kind of masterbatch is used in plastics because it directly depends on the quality of the product. If you are looking to select the right masterbatch for your product, then yes, you are at the right place. Being in the industry for more than three decades, it becomes our ethical responsibility to emphasize the process of choosing the right masterbatch by carefully managing all the parameters.


Imagine, we are standing in the plastic market and all plastic products are colorless, plain, and transparent… Boring isn’t it?? This is the reason why color is so important and here masterbatch plays a major role in coloring a plastic product. When it comes to masterbatch, not only the color but also the shades and color consistency play a very important role. Here we are proud to mention that we are JKP masterbatch Known especially for being a masterbatch manufacturer. Our experts do their best to keep the color and shade together for years and years and sometimes even more!


This is another big thing we should keep in mind about masterbatch. Industries such as electronics, and automotive require plastics that must have these high heat stability characteristics, so the masterbatch in plastics must have high heat stability so that there are neither degradation issues during production nor does the aesthetic appearance of the product differ from one production to another.


Like colorfastness and high heat fastness, high light fastness is also the main feature of masterbatch, because it is something that directly leads to the quality of the final product. This is one of the main concerns that must be properly taken into account when choosing a color for plastic. Sometimes the problem of discoloration occurs when the product is exposed to sunlight. Light Fastness Value is measured using the trendy Blue Scale Score Machine and we Perfect Colorants always use a scale of 7 and onwards as 8 represents the best resistance to the color fading problem. The use of High Light Fastness Masterbatch guarantees customers the establishment of high brand value for the end-users.


The moisture content in the masterbatch granules has a great influence on the quality of the final product. In case of high moisture content, production becomes impossible. Because of this, it is always important to keep an eye on the moisture content of the masterbatch to maintain the expected quality of the product. Experts at Perfect Colorants, always keep this in mind and ensure that the moisture content should be as low as 0.05%.


The poor quality of the pigment used while making the masterbatch allows the pigment to transfer to the surface resulting in quality rejection. As a company policy, our expert team essentially studies and uses pigments that are suitable for the application to guarantee nil migration.


Low pressure created on the die: The stability of any machine depends on how it has been used over the years. Poor quality of masterbatch is responsible for carbon deposits on the screw, barrel, and die. This leads to holes in the films, reduced production, and wear and tear in the machines in the long run. We as your business partner take care by adding the optimum amount of suitable additives and processing aid to minimize such issues to the maximum extent.


In the case of masterbatch, it is always important to deliver the product on time and sometimes just in time. It is not that easy as it involves factors like short runs, precise color matching, a huge range of pigment inventory, coordination with logistics, fast and low-cost transportation to the final location, and ultimately safe delivery. We closely monitor and understand and respect the customer’s concerns, that’s why our logistics team always works hard to deliver the product on time.

Choosing the perfect masterbatch is always a task in order to produce the best products, but if you choose JKP masterbatch, our industry experts are always there to guide you as to what, why, and which masterbatch fits perfectly for your product. Is. Our experienced and dedicated team works relentlessly and tirelessly to ensure that we always display our integrity towards the product and service of our clients.

With the mission of providing service and quality, perfect Colorants, JKP Masterbatch has a wide range of Masterbatches i.e. Color Masterbatch, White Masterbatch, Black Masterbatch, Additive Masterbatch, and Special effect masterbatches has won the confidence of more than thousands of customers over the past years.