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What is Additive Masterbatch: Know From The Experts At JKP Masterbatch

additive masterbatch

Polymers’ employment success depends on additives. The availability of many private and industrial products made from polypropylene and polyethylene would be impossible without additives. Polymer materials are processed in a variety of formats with the help of other materials, such as dispersants and process aids to develop Additive Masterbatch.

Specifically, the mechanisms responsible for degrading and stabilizing compounds, but also regulating rheology and processing, are closely connected to polymers – the basic building blocks of the compound formulation. The reaction likely to happen by adding any additive requires an understanding of the related physical-chemical phenomena. Plasticizers can shape transformation processes as well as the tribological properties of articles, for example. In the same way, stabilizing additives can affect mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. These additives are often synergistic.

Types of Additive Masterbatches Compounded By JKP Masterbatch

Masterbatches have an effect on physical-mechanical properties. At JKP Masterbatch we can help you in sourcing additive masterbatches with following physical or mechanical properties:

  • They possess acute mechanical properties
  • Additive masterbatches have an inbuilt thermal resistance
  • They are resistant to light
  • Have Ozone resistance
  • They are flame resistant 
  • Additive masterbatches have thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Have specific gravity
  • Natural resistance to fungi and bacteria
  • Traceable
  • And many more…
Antioxidant Masterbatch

Antioxidant masterbatch is a kind of product which is added into the plastics, rubber and coating materials to improve the heat resistance and weatherability. It can increase the products’ service time, reduce the cost of maintenance and prolong the products’ service life. This masterbatch is mainly used in PE/PP/PVC pipes, solar power equipment, car parts, pvc sheet and corrugated sheet, construction materials, wall materials, building insulation materials and so on.

 Slip Masterbatch

Slip masterbatch has been developed with the latest technology to provide a highly efficient and competitive solution for slip agent requirements of automotive, plastics and composites industries. With our technological expertise and excellent slip enhancing agent, JKP masterbatch is the one stop shop for your slip needs.

Anti Block Masterbatch

Anti block masterbatch is the result of the highest quality raw materials, technology and knowledge. They are all blended together to create a special resin, which is then processed with special additives to form a homogeneous solid to ensure that it is hard, durable and mould and weather resistant.

The list does not end here. JKP Masterbatch is specialized in a variety of additive masterbatch compounding with over 30 years of compounding experience.

Additive Masterbatch: What Is It For?

Additive masterbatches are typically used in the following applications

  • Gardening items
  • O-ring
  • Cables
  • Drawer rails
  • Tube and Hose
  • Mulching films
  • Technical film profiles
  • Containers
  • Jugs
  • Bottles
  • PE Foam
  • PE Films
  • Moulded Articles
  • Sheets
  • Pipes
  • And many more…
Why You Should Prefer JKP Masterbatch Over Others?

At JKP, we are specialized in developing reliable additive masterbatch solutions for some of the top companies in India and across the world. To provide customers with the best experience, JKP Masterbatch offers technical and consulting support worldwide to its privileged customers. We welcome your questions and comments! We have dedicated unit for additive masterbatch with approximately 2500 tons annual production.